Young Georgia Man’s Coming Out Goes Horribly Wrong

An online video making its way to viral status this morning depicts the worst kind of coming out experience one can imagine. It begins with a mother’s “I love you,” and ends in a violent attack on the young man by multiple family members as he is trying to correct common misconceptions about his sexuality.

The video was shot by Daniel Ashley Pierce, a 20-year-old from Georgia who came out as gay last October. Things were reported to be relatively calm in the household up until Wednesday when Pierce found himself the target of what he describes as a “delayed intervention” which involved his father, his stepmother and his grandparents.

Warning! This video does contain very strong language and some violence!



Ross Murray, Director of News at writes: “This video should make every Christian cringe. This is not the faith that I was taught throughout my Christian education, from Sunday school to seminary. This does not sound like God calling all of creation “very good.” This is not the example of Jesus, who laid down his life for his loved ones. This is not the apostles, sharing the good news with a diverse range of people. This is completely foreign to what the vast majority of Christians believe. In other words, a false gospel.”

This incident is proof as to why it is so very important that we continue working within faith communities on issues of LGBTQ equality. We as humans tend to fear greatly what we do not understand, and homosexuality is still greatly misunderstood by many. Often times we also tend to attach feelings of shame to these types of fears when we are faced with dealing with them in any sort of public or family setting. Negative feelings stemming from basic misunderstanding, when not addressed honestly with proper introspection and examination, lead to family dysfunction as seen in the video. We as human beings and family members can do better if we make the choice to put effort into understanding others’ perspectives with regard to life and how others who differ from us live it.

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