Writing Contest

Prizes to be awarded for the November 2014 Writing Contest:

First Prize: A copy of the book Bedrock by Britney King

Second Prize: To be announced soon!

Third Prize: To be announced soon!


Writing Contest Rules:

  1. To be eligible, a submission must be original work, and be a minimum of 600 words in length, and be written in the ENGLISH language.
  2. You can write on any topic related to alternative lifestyles that you feel would be of interest to our readers.
  3. No erotica or sexually charged content will be allowed.
  4. Submissions we find that are promotional in their overall theme are not allowed.
  5. We reserve the right to edit articles for length, grammar, spelling, punctuation and adherence to the main topic of the writing.
  6. We reserve the right to publish only those submissions we choose.
  7.  Articles may be written under pseudonyms.
  8. You must submit only your own original work. Quotes from other works are acceptable, but only if quotation marks are used, and full attribution to the original author is given. Any plagiarism will be grounds to have your submission disqualified from judging and removed from our website.
  9. Please do not include digital images with your submission.
  10. You can submit as many writings as you like, whenever you like.


OutShoutTheCrazies.com advertisers, prize donors, editors, and families of staff members are not eligible to enter the contest. You must be at least 18 years old to enter.

How to Enter:

To enter the writing contest, simply email your submission in RTF, MS-Word DOC/DOCX, AppleWorks, HTML, or plain text format to OSCMama@OutShoutTheCrazies.com. Your email subject line should include the text “Contest Submission“.

Do not send submission in PDF format.

Be sure to thoroughly proofread your submission!

Round #2 of the writing contest ends October 30th, 2014!

Previous Winners:

Round #1 – September 2014 First Prize went to ____. Congratulations on winning! A copy of the new book Bondassage, by Jaeleen Bennis & Eve Minax. “Whether you’re looking to learn simple things to do with your hands, or are ready to explore light bondage and the delights of submission, this book will show you how to get kinky while deepening that loving connection to your partner.”Bondassage.com

Round #2 – October 2014 – No submissions were received.