‘Who We Become’ Documentary Sheds Light On Trans Community

A new documentary is set to examine many of the challenges transgender individuals face after coming to terms with their identity.

Produced in partnership with New York’s Bronx Documentary Center, “Who We Become” introduces us to Jace, a transgender man who fled his native Texas town for New York where he begins the transition process. Kim and Cris run a Bronx-based medical clinic that deals primarily with transgender care. They put tremendous effort into trying to establish a makeshift family of transgender folks who have been shunned by their family members and friends.

The documentary’s YouTube page states, “Who we become is a documentary about building a trans family. The film focuses on a makeshift family bonded by the search for community. Jace, who was forced to leave his home, moved to NYC where he found refuge with a trans family and started a new life away from his rural Texas hometown. As soon as he arrived in New York, he started taking hormones for his transition from female to male. With few resources, Kim and Cris run a clinic in the Bronx that deals with trans care. They try tirelessly to create a family of transgender individuals who are isolated by friends and disowned by their families.”

Check out the filmmakers’ Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign at http://igg.me/at/wwbfilm and please show them your generosity.

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