When Parents are Forced to Choose Between Their LGBT Child and Their Church

Who can a parent turn to for community and spiritual support when their church declares their child is a broken human being, guilty of a sin for just being who they are?

I couldn’t believe what my friend was saying to me. I’d known her for years and she knows I’m gay. She had been one of my biggest supporters. Now, sobbing on the other end of the phone after finding out her own child was gay, she was saying things like, “What did I do wrong?” “Can I fix this?” and “What will people think of me when they find out?”

I was caught off guard and couldn’t help but wonder, Is this what she truly thinks of me? I’m broken? That I should be ashamed and embarrassed? It was the first time I realized how intrinsic homophobia is built into our culture. It’s no wonder some parents react the way they do…

Published on September 21, 2014 | By Tim Rymel | From GoodMenProject.com


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