Trailer: ‘This Is a Show For Parents of Gay Kids’ by ULIVE

This Is a Show For Parents of Gay Kids is dedicated exclusively toward helping parents understand their LGBTQ kids.

“Dannielle Owens-Reid and Kristin Russo answer the many questions they were receiving from parents whose children had recently come out to them. The show sources voices from across the world to help answer these questions, including advice from Dannielle and Kristin themselves, parents, youth, and experts on a variety of topics related to sexuality and gender identity.”

ULIVE is touted to -possess the best family content on YouTube. The force behind the creation of such a unique selection of lifestyle content is the community of likeminded creators all willing to openly discuss their lives, families, friends and ways you can improve your own! ULIVE’s weekly videos covering everything from reviews of family-focused products, to tips, tricks and hacks from some of our favorite YouTube families. ULIVE brings you what being a parent is really all about.

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