Seattle Performer’s Petition To Fight Facebook Naming Policy Takes Off

A petition has been created on by Olivia LaGarce asking for signatures to support the demand that performers of all sorts be able to use their stage names (pseudonyms) as the name on their personal Facebook accounts.

The petition states, “Recently, Facebook has been locking many performers out of their accounts until they change their names to their “legal identity.” According to Facebook, this is to help build “authentic” community, but in fact it undermines the online communities we have built over the past several years using our stage names. Our chosen names are an important part of our identities and how we interact with our peers and audiences.”

Many who would be affected have voiced their concerns that the demand for revealing some performers’ and activists’ legal names raises the potential for them to be attacked by others who do not desire to simply live and let live. There have been a number of activists’ warn that if they were to use their legal names on their Facebook accounts, they would face arrest or worse from their oppressive governments.

The petition has already gathered nearly 33,000 digital signatures. It can be viewed HERE.

Georgia-born Olivia LaGarce is a member of the Imperial Sovereign Court Of Seattle, and currently holds the title of ‘Miss Gay Seattle 50’.

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