It’s the 1950s All Over Again


Self-proclaimed Christian pundit Theodore Shoebat created a new Youtube video over the weekend and it’s filled with vitriol for the gay community. Once the camera was rolling, Shoebat wasted no time sharing his disgust with the current President’s recent nomination of Eric Fanning, an openly gay man, as Secretary of the Army.

During his rant, Shoebat states (among other things):

“…In 2012, Obama got rid of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, which basically means that fags can be out in the open in their flaming fag ways, regardless of the fact that they are decreasing the morale of fellow soldiers. It doesn’t matter, they can be flaming homos right there in the U.S. military, they can be sodomizing each other right there in the military barracks…”

I have some bad news for you Skippy. Gay men have always been part of the U.S. armed forces. The whole San Francisco gay movement was started by men who were exiting the military after WWII feeling like there was nowhere for them to go. Do your research.

Second, where is the study that states that serving in the military with openly gay men decreases morale? Why would someone’s sexual orientation have any effect whatsoever on other soldiers? How would the soldiers even know who is straight and who is gay?

I pondered this for a while and then it hit me. I wonder if Shoebat would make the same complaint about African-American men serving along side of whites. Because if openly gay soldiers are such an issue for the rest of the troops, then dark-skinned soldiers mingling with whites must surely create a train wreck!

So is Shoebat a run-of-the-mill bigot, or is he much more selective in his hate for others who don’t look, think and act like him?

Let’s be clear that the connection I’ve made here really isn’t that big of a stretch once you look at shoebat’s other works. We all know how he feels about women once we viewed his other Youtube video titled, “I Don’t Believe In Women Voting”. Classy.

The truth is, Shoebat’s approach to straight-white-male-supremacy is as tired as the filth that was spouted by racist whites during the civil rights movement. All that is left in the end are a bunch of horrific and embarrassing memories for future generations to look back on in horror.

My advise? Grow up Theodore. You’re not clever, you’re not cute and you’re certainly not relevant.

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