Indiana Senate Bill 35 To Make Trans Students Criminals


Senator James Tomes has authored a bill targeting transgender students in Indiana schools.

The Digest of the bill reads:

“Single sex facilities. Provides that student facilities in school buildings must be designated for use by female students or male students, and may be used only by the students of the biological gender for which the facility is designated. Makes it a Class A misdemeanor if: (1) a male knowingly or intentionally enters a single sex public facility that is designed to be used by females; or (2) a female knowingly or intentionally enters a single sex public facility that is designed to be used by males.”

Senator Tomes cleverly designed this bill to do two things. First, it removes the possibility of schools making gender-neutral restroom facilities available to transgender students by limiting the restrooms to “male” or “female” only. Second, the bill makes it a crime for any student to enter a restroom designated for the gender to which they were not born, based solely on the student’s birth sex.

So now we have an elected official making transgender kids into criminals for expressing their gender identity. The question I have is: How low will we allow ourselves to go to demonize non-gender-conforming kids?

Here’s a link to the bill:

Contact information for the Senator is as follows:

Senator James Tomes (R)

Senator James Tomes (R)


Senator James Tomes (R) District 49
200 W. Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Phone: 800-382-9467

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