Funding the ‘Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Bear?’ Project

For over 15 years now, Heidi & Daniel Howarth have been a Exeter, U.K. based husband and wife team, working freelance as illustrator and author, respectively. The couple met while studying Graphic Design, and have worked side-by-side on a great number of creative endeavors. Their main area of expertise is in creating illustrated children’s books, bringing important life lessons to children via some of the biggest publishers in the world.

The Howarth’s latest project is to create “a beautifully illustrated 38-page children’s picture book, offered as a traditional high quality paperback, ebook & even a plush toy!”

According to their Kickstarter campaign page, their purpose for the book is clear. “Children have a very difficult time growing up, and we’d like this story to help them on their way and give them confidence as they go through life… not matter what their size!”

Author Heidi Howarth provides the synopsis of the book:

Have you ever felt judged by how you look?
If you are big, does this make you strong?
If you are small, does this make you weak?

Being a big bear had given George a fearsome reputation.
He had become a forest legend, a scary monster of bedtime stories.
But the real truth of it is, George is a worrier and everything scares him!
It is only the fact that he is the biggest bear around, that he has not been found out.

That is until one day someone very small, but very brave, catches him out!

The Howarths feel their new book will have big heart and lots of love to give. Their hope is that it will help young readers who are just venturing out into that big wide world.

You can visit the couple’s Kickstarter project page to read more about Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Bear?, or to pledge your support in helping them reach their goals.

The book project will only be funded if at least £14,500 is pledged by Wednesday, November 12th, 2014.

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