Facebook’s ‘Parents of Transgender Children’ is a Blessing for Many

Mary Moss, one of the four administrators of the popular Facebook group Parents of Transgender Children, which deals with transgender kids. She credits the group for establishing a positive space for parents and caregivers of transgender children to learn and share.

Mary states that she has found it much easier to be strong in the face of the many obstacles one inevitably faces as a parent of a trans son or daughter, when you choose to surround yourself with encouraging people. Facebook has been the ideal mechanism to accomplish this for Moss, who, early on, took a leadership role in the group and nurtured it from its infancy to a rather large and thriving community within the global Facebook phenomenon.

The Parents of Transgender Children page states, “Our group supports parents of transgender children of any age, including transsexual children, gender-variant children and any child for whom a parent is “gender” concerned. We help, advise, encourage and support each other. We are also open to immediate family members such as siblings and grandparents.”

The group has been created in a ‘closed’ format and boasts a membership totaling more than 1,000 users and climbing rapidly.

“We hope all members find support, empathy and understanding here,” the group’s page states.

The group is actively accepting new members and welcomes anyone who meets their membership criteria.

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