Facebook Naming Debacle Takes Unfortunate Turn

Facebook executives’ hardline stance on ridding the social media site of users who utilize pseudonyms in their profiles takes a bizarre new turn today.  A handful of Facebook users are now targeting the drag community by actively searching out those users of non-birth names and reporting them directly to Facebook.

Sister Roma, a San Francisco activist and performer who has been unofficially heading the fight against the media giant for a more reasonable naming policy, posted a note on her Facebook page stating, “This is targeted bullying and Facebook has got to make it stop. Their legal name policy is being used as a weapon of discrimination and hate, virtually erasing the LGBT community from Facebook. Millions of people need protection not persecution. Everyone must speak up now because you are next…”

It’s unknown at this time exactly how many users are actively involved in this new cyber-witch-hunt, or whether or not Facebook will make a public statement.

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