Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Presenting National Consortium of Breast Centers

In recognizing October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we here at OSC would like to recognize the National Consortium of Breast Centers, Inc. The NCBC is a nonprofit member organization “dedicated to excellence in breast health care for the general public.”

Members include breast health professionals who provide direct patient care as well as corporations and other businesses that provide services or products to breast health professionals and their organizations.

The NCBC began in 1985 as a small collaboration of multidisciplinary breast health professionals that has exploded into a larger group of medical professionals who gather to exchange important information and to network in order to learn from one other. Their focus continues to be on the development, implementation and expansion of breast center programs to allow the participating experts to become informed of the most up-to-date breast care techniques and options available to their patients.

As stated on their website, “The National Consortium of Breast Centers is the premier interdisciplinary organization committed to the development, maintenance, advancement and improvement of the highest quality patient-focused Breast Centers by supporting education, certification and interdisciplinary communication among those we serve.”

The NCBC web site features a sleek, free-to-use, searchable database titled the National Directory of Breast Centers, which allows site visitors to quickly connect to registered breast health professionals.

As a method for member professionals to meet and collaborate, The NCBC will be holding the 25th Annual Interdisciplinary Breast Center Conference on March 14th through 18th, 2015 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. For more information see the NCBC Conference web page.

To learn how to become a member, visit the NCBC Membership Information web page.

Additional contact information: The National Consortium of Breast Centers, Inc. PO Box 1334, Warsaw, IN 46581-1334, (574) 267-8058.

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