Brazillian Judge OKs Baby’s Birth Certificate With 2 Moms & Dad

A judge this week from southern Rio Grande do Sul state in Brazil granted two women and a man the right to claim legal parent status of a child born in late August. All three parents’ names are present on the baby’s birth certificate, thus laying claim to being the first family in the South American country with three legally recognized parents.

Judge Rafael Pagnon Cunha, who presided over the unique parenting case was quoted as saying, “Being a father and a mother is above all about taking care and fulfilling tasks. I feel sure that for this child the possibility of happiness will be very great.”

The baby was born to a married same-sex female couple, who asked a male friend to assist them in conception. He agreed, on the condition that he could participate fully as a father to the child.

Upon the birth of the baby, the triad petitioned the judge to allow them to put all three of their names on the birth certificate.

This case may open the gates for other alternative lifestyle families to be able to lay claim to more than two parents for their birth children. Polyamorous families could gain more rights to care for their children, and, as Judge Cunha noted, this can lead to a very positive outcome for the child.

Studies have shown that children who grow up with more than one parent present in their lives possess advantages that lead to a positive socioeconomic existence.

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