Our Mission

Our Mission:

1. To promote advocacy and awareness of alternative lifestyles including but not limited to polyamory, BDSM, transgender, gender fluidity, leather, and asexuality.

2. To drag the existence and discussion of alternative lifestyles out of the closet (or the dungeon) into the light of day.

3. We are committed to changing the course of how alternative lifestyles are accepted/marginalized in the legal system, in schools, in religion, and in the communities across the US and the world.

4. To educate in order to eradicate the fear and stigma attached to alternative lifestyles.

5. To foster discussion topics in families that go beyond standard school sex education programs. This would include healthy relationship negotiation techniques, setting boundaries, consent, and how to build trust as well as intimacy while taking responsibility for one’s own actions.


Our Goals:

Short term goal #1:

Promote education of alternative lifestyles in as family friendly as possible (any age can go buy 50 Shades, right?) It can be a challenge to find answers without being engulfed in pornography. Trust us, we know! We know that many individuals and families seeking reference material have no interest in viewing adult oriented images or content and that adult images or content can serve to continue the stigma that currently exists.

Short term goal #2:

Promote charitable works, benefits, drives, fundraisers by alternative lifestyle groups. Why? For a multitude of reasons. Mainly because there are some great causes that go unnoticed due to lack of exposure in mainstream media or other social outlets. Because it is the right thing to do. To show in tangible ways that lifestyle people are real people with real lives and that they display honest and open caring and compassion towards others.

Long term goal #3:

Insist and demand change within the status quo which is the current legal system regarding visitation and children. Make it impossible for the courts to ever consider alternative lifestyles when impacting “the best interests” of the child or children. Give the child a voice in addition to a guardian ad litem, such as a licensed therapist or social worker who will truly advocate for the wishes of the child and can assist in determining the best outcomes for visitation and custody based on individual needs of the child or children instead of relying on a schedule labeled “A” or “B.”

We hope this gives you greater insight into where we are going and what we are driven to accomplish. We welcome any input you have to share. This isn’t just about us; it’s about anyone who is passionate about what they do and who they are.


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