Outrageous! Rio School FINES Transgender Student For Wearing Skirt To Class!

17-year-old Maria Muniz, born Mario Muniz, had never felt happy being a biological boy and decided to come out by wearing a skirt to school. But her difficult decision failed to find support among the faculty of the Pedro II School, in Rio de Janeiro, who imposed a fine for Continue Reading

Facebook Naming Debacle Takes Unfortunate Turn

Facebook executives’ hardline stance on ridding the social media site of users who utilize pseudonyms in their profiles takes a bizarre new turn today.  A handful of Facebook users are now targeting the drag community by actively searching out those users of non-birth names and reporting them directly to Facebook. Continue Reading

Texas Transgender Student Crowned Homecoming King

Mel Gonzales, a female-to-male transgender student attending Stephen F. Austin High School in Sugar Land, Texas, was crowned Homecoming King last Friday, September 12th. Gonzales told Project Q Houston that his winning the crown proves that acceptance is growing for those who are not heterosexual, as well as those people Continue Reading