16 Year-Old Pansexual Couple Nominated For Homecoming

UPDATED  11/6/2014: Maria Carrillo High School juniors Shealynn Stillman and Charley Gittins were named the junior homecoming princesses during halftime of the Maria Carrillo, Santa Rosa High School football game, Friday October 10th, 2014 in Santa Rosa California.

Two teenagers are conquering social barriers and traditional school norms at a Santa Rosa California high school with the help of their supportive classmates.

Shealynn and Charley, high school juniors who both self-identify as pansexual, were told by Maria Carrillo High School that the student body had nominated them by an “overwhelming number of votes” for Junior Homecoming Queens, according to Shealynn’s mom Yvonne Stillman.

Shealynn’s mother said, “I believe our daughter’s story sends a message of hope on the subject of gender equality.”

“I guess they were expecting a little hate and they said they’ve felt zero,” Stillman said. “They said, ‘We hope that this will help others who want to come out, see that it’s OK and safe.'”

After reading the story about a lesbian couple in Arizona who were ineligible to run due to a school rule declaring that homecoming royalty must be a traditional male/female couple, Shealynn Stillman’s family wanted to show the rest of the world that a change in traditional social norms and practices is possible.

A fellow student suggested to Shealynn and Charley that they should run as a couple for homecoming. News of the idea spread quickly around the school, and in short order other classmates joined in nominating the couple for the honor.

“The way the students and especially staff have behaved has been beyond what we thought was possible. They’ve been nothing but supportive,” said Shealynn’s mother.

The 16 year old girls were asked what they preferred to be titled, and the girls opted for “Duchess and Duchess”, as being titled Queen was reserved for school seniors.

Both girls say they are shocked by all the support they have received from their student body and the school facalty.

“I don’t even think it’s too big of a deal,” teacher Trevor Brady said regarding the students’ decision to nominate the couple. “It’s the norm they’ve accepted.”

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  1. Yvonne Stillman says:

    Thank you for sharing their story. an update, they WON! see the local paper artical here. http://www.pressdemocrat.com/news/2957502-181/homecoming-princesses-make-history-at

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